Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then we should be thrilled. The truth is, our proprietary design has been copied by competitors…but never fully duplicated. Only Oregon-built RDF Troughs combine tremendous expertise, tried-and-true durability and creative customization. And, with various types of customers from coast to coast, we provide standard and special options with streamlined efficiency.

Water trough for cattle and horses

Stock tank sizes readily available:

  • 4×4 – 200 gallons
  • 4×8 – 400 gallons
  • 4×10 – 500 gallons
  • 4×12 – 600 gallons
  • 8×12 – 1,300 gallons
Aluminum Trough

One-Piece Trough:

These are becoming one of our most popular aluminum troughs. They’re uniquely designed by using a single sheet of .125 aluminum very heavy-duty aluminum water trough at an affordable price. This design has, no seam down the middle. Various sizes from 4’ to 12’ in length and 2’ wide.

  • 2×4 – 92 gallons
  • 2×6 – 138 gallons
  • 2×8 – 184 gallons
  • 2×10 – 230 gallons
  • 2×12 – 276 gallons
Aluminum trough

Trough Accessories:

  • Corner Escape Ramps
  • Water Collection Devices
Corner Escape Ramp for Aluminum Trough

Custom Sizes:

If you can dream it (or draw it—we’ve worked off of customer sketches many times), we can build it. Take a look at the specialty troughs we’ve designed in the past, and let your imagination run wild or give us your toughest challenge. We’ll turn your vision into a reality.

Aluminum Trough


  • Heavier-gauged, rust-proof aluminum and a single center seam prevent corrosion
  • Lightweight and 100% weather-resistant
  • Sturdy, 4-bung design is 25% heavier than our competitors’ offerings
  • Reinforced corners and edges won’t crack or be damaged by horses, cattle, or other livestock
  • Standard specifications meet BLM and Forest Service requirements
  • Stock tanks and customizable configurations for float/bung placement or continuous trough linking
  • Efficient, 2-week-or-less production timelines, plus quick turnaround on custom products
  • Drop shipping available to remote sites
  • Unbeatable quality, exceptional longevity and affordable pricing


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