Oregon Roots

In the early 1980s, Raymond Doherty‘s small fencing company in Pilot Rock, Oregon, developed a reputation for providing the highest quality craftsmanship, earning him a strong client base in surrounding states. But as the prices of recycled metal, steel, and other fencing materials soared, demand lagged and he sought additional work as a contractor: planting trees, shrubs, and other flora along creeks and streams throughout Oregon.

Raymond Doherty


Since planting and small fence jobs kept him busy only seasonally, Raymond looked to add to his business expertise with natural spring development—a sustainable use product. With spring conservation, planting and fencing, he figured he’d keep his crew and himself busy for years to come. But soon he realized that, for most springs, the water troughs ideally should be made out of aluminum to avoid corrosion and damage…but heavier-duty aluminum water tanks were in short supply. In a classic case of need and opportunity intersecting, Raymond developed another facet to his increasingly successful outdoor businesses.

Aluminum Trough

Durability Guaranteed

Founded in 2010 with a strong focus on service, RDF Troughs are built exclusively in Oregon to exceed expectations and meet unique needs creatively. And, like everything with the RDF name, our troughs are built to stand the test of time, incorporating the highest quality and standards—we simply guarantee it.

Water trough for cattle and horses


  • Heavier-gauged, rust-proof aluminum and a single center seam prevent corrosion
  • Lightweight and 100% weather-resistant
  • Sturdy, 4-bung design is 25% heavier than our competitors’ offerings
  • Reinforced corners and edges won’t crack or be damaged by horses, cattle, or other livestock
  • Standard specifications meet BLM and Forest Service requirements
  • Stock tanks and customizable configurations for float/bung placement or continuous trough linking
  • Efficient, 2-week-or-less production timelines, plus quick turnaround on custom products
  • Drop shipping available to remote sites
  • Unbeatable quality, exceptional longevity and affordable pricing


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