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RDF Troughs offers a full line of aluminum water troughs built to last. Whether you need a stock tank on the range, cattle or horse trough on the ranch, RDF Troughs come in several sizes to fit your needs. Built out of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, our troughs outlast even galvanized steel troughs. Tired of your water troughs rusting? RDF troughs never rust; light weight and even come with a warranty. So when you need a trough for the home place or the backwoods RDF has the trough for you.


In the early 80's Raymond Doherty started a small Fencing company, Raymond Doherty Fencing located in Pilot Rock Oregon.
Raymond's fencing company developed a reputation for providing the highest quality in fencing and craftsmanship.Raymond earned a very strong client base in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
Later the prices of recycled steel soared proving to be more of a challenge for his customers toafford the high price of steel, wire, and metal fence post. He determined a change in his business was needed.
After doing some extensive research, Raymond found that there was a need for contractors willing to help out with planting trees, plants and shrubs along creeks and streams all over Oregon.
This and other small fence jobs kept him busy only seasonally. Raymond hit the market again looking for his next profession to add to his business, when he stumbled onto natural spring development. Natural spring development is a sustainable use product. He hoped that he wouldn't have to look for work anymore, with conservation of springs, planting shrubs and trees, and building fences it should be enough to keep himself and his crew busy all year and for years to come.
As he started developing natural springs he realized that for most springs, the troughs needed had to be made out of aluminum, due to the fact that aluminum doesn't corrode, it is very strong and durrable. He also quickly realized that aluminum water tanks are hard to find.
RDF TROUGHS was designed to last, like everything that has the RDF name, our troughs are built to the highest quality and standards. The crew at RDF TROUGHS hopes that you are as satisfiedwith our troughs as they are. Thank you for visiting RDF TROUGHS, we appreciate you stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!

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Trough Sizes


Custom sizes available upon request!

Spring Box

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No Rust! Ever!

No Corrosion! Ever!

5-Year Warrenty!

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Raymond Doherty

P.O. Box 492
650 NE 4th Sreet
Pilot Rock, OR, 97869


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